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Buongiorno Newsletter Reader,

If you didnt manage to get to Tuscany this summer, the days are still long enough and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy a visit later in the year.

With the next holidays for schools across Europe due in October; its worth considering a visit to see the end of the Autumn months; Prices are more affordable, queues are shorter and Festivals and Events abound!

The famous L'Eroica cycle race takes place at the beginning of October, followed by the Mushroom and Chestnut Festival, the Chocolate Festival (always a favourite!) and at the end of the month it is World Pasta Day which you can celebrate wherever you are in the world.

For information on more events and festivals in October, click here.

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The translation of L'Eroica is literally - heroic - and this aptly sums up the calibre of the entrants for this vintage cycle race.

In contrast to the sleek professionalism of the teams and riders in the Tour de France, the L'Eroica race is limited to bikes made prior to 1987 and support vehicles are not allowed alongside riders. In the Chianti race, the rest stops and water stations full of rehydration bars and glucose drinks of the professional circuit give way to homemade stews, cakes and glasses of the locally produced wines for the competitors.

Competitors enter into the Retro spirit of the race by wearing outfits that would not have been out of place when their bikes were produced. Merino wool cycle suits and leather caps replace lycra and cycle helmets and add to the enchanting atmosphere of the day.

What a day it becomes too with families, locals and tourists mingling together with picnics and cameras at the ready to cheer the riders on their way. Riders choose from 3 different courses to complete - 38km, 75km or the full length 205km race.

As the majority of the race takes place on the "strada bianche" roads (the white gravel topped roads or "boneshakers"), those completing the full 205km circuit truly are herioc.

To watch the race, make sure you are in Gaiole in Chainti on Sunday 2nd October. Click here for available accommodation from Saturday 1st October.

If you cant make it this year, watch this video to find out more about the race, the route and the riders..

L'Eroica 2009 // BROOKS ENGLAND
L'Eroica 2009 // BROOKS ENGLAND


Mushroom and Chestnut FestivalThe second and third weekends of October are the dates for the 2011 Chestnut and Mushroom festival in the Viva Orcia area of Tuscany - just south of Siena.

In celebration of all things made from chestnuts and mushrooms, this is a food lovers ideal festival! There are stalls with hot chestnuts, chestnut jams, pies, crepes, garlic mushrooms and pasta with mushroom sauce.


The Eurochocolate Festival takes place in Perugia, Umbria (easily reached from all areas of Tuscany) between Friday 14th - Sunday 23rd October 2011.

As Europes top chocolate festival, there are up to 900,000 visitors who come along to enjoy the delights of the local chocolate makers alongside chocolatiers from across Europe.

The main street is lined with stalls offering chocolate in all its guises and cookery workshops using chocolate (of course) take place throughout the day. To enjoy the delights of this sweet festival, the purchase of a daily wristband allows the visitor to enjoy as much or as little chocolate as they like.

Chocolate Festival, Perugia (Italy) - Travel Guide
Chocolate Festival, Perugia (Italy) - Travel Guide


world pasta dayWe know that not everyone is able to be in Italy in October, but on World Pasta Day, you can all revisit Italy in your kitchen!

The World Pasta Day was conceived in Rome back in 1995 and is now celebrated each year on (or near to) 25th October all around the world.

If you are in Italy on 25th October, you will find local villages and restaurants taking part in promoting this staple of the Italian diet - did you know that there are over 300 types of pasta available?

If you cant be in Italy, you should be able to create a perfect meal for yourselves and your family from a variety of pasta dishes and recipies or why not treat yourselves to a visit to your local trattoria for a more traditional experience.


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Summer at Casa Puliti
Summer at Casa Puliti. Francois 367PP

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This months photo is of a lovely view from the terrace of Casa Puliti sent to us by Thierry Francois from Belgium.

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