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Welcome to the October edition of the To Tuscany email.  Many of you have commented on the new look newsletters, so we hope you continue to enjoy receiving them.  Dont forget that if you have any ideas that you would like us to cover in the newsletter, please feel free to send them to me.

Thank you to all of you that sent in your recommendations for restaurants in Tuscany, we are adding all your suggestions to the relevant town information pages on our website.  The best recommendation came from Christina Tolvas-Vincent for her review of the Ristoro di Lamole near Greve in Chianti.

See below for this months competition regarding travelling with children in Tuscany.
Bond is back (in Italy!)
Siena Piazza del Campo
The latest in the James Bond films - Quantam of Solace - is due for imminent release and has followed in a long standing tradition of filming Bond scenes in Italy.

Previous films using Italian locations as a backdrop include: Casino Royale (Lake Como and Venice); From Russia with Love (Venice); the Spy who Loved Me (Sardinia); Moonraker (Venice) and For Your Eyes Only (Cortina).

Quantam of Solace picks up the story from the end of the previous film - Casino Royale - you may remember the chase through the streets of Venice, the collapse of the house with Bonds girlfriend Vesper in and Bond tracking down the mysterious Mr White to his villa on the shores of Lake Como where Bond shot him in the leg.  The opening scenes see Mr White being interrogated by Bond and M (Judy Dench) in a MI6 safe house in Siena and him spilling the beans about rogue spies in the CIA and MI6.

Bond corners one of these rogue agents in Siena and the chase is on!!

Starting deep in the underground sewers that criss-cross underneath Siena, the chase is interspersed with views of the horses thundering around the Piazza del Campo above. As they emerge from the cisterns in the Fonte Gaia fountain, the Palio racers have just crossed the finish line.  There are many 'crowd shots' so if any of you were at the Palio in 2007, you may just catch a glimpse of yourselves in a Bond film! (we did give you advance warning that they would be filming scenes for Bond during the Palio in an earlier newsletter).  From the Piazza del Campo, the chase continues across the rooftops and even includes a jump by Daniel Craig onto a moving bus - he does most of his own stunts.

Whether you want to visit Siena to see the Palio or as a homage to Bond, contact us for the best selection of villas and apartments within easy reach of this fantastic city or use the following link to search for villas in the Siena area:  http://www.to-tuscany.com/siena

Its Truffle Time Again
White Truffles
The last 3 weekends of November are given over to Festivals celebrating the harvesting of White Truffles in the San Miniato area of Tuscany.  Easily reached from all areas of Tuscany, San Miniato is one of the most productive areas in Europe for the valuable White Truffles and the locally grown truffles are the most expensive of their kind. The Tubar Magnatum Pico is the most valuable because it will only grow in the most precise conditions and is therefore very limited in its harvesting.

The San Miniato National White Truffle Fair sees stalls selling the famous delicacy along with other local produce such as truffle oils, porcini mushrooms, walnuts, artichokes and even the Sigaro Toscana - Tuscan Cigar - that is also produced in the San Miniato area.

Our nearest property to San Miniato is the private villa Colle di Sotto for 4-6 people:  http://www.to-tuscany.com/colledisotto
Villa Saida, sleeps 14 with under floor heating

Villa Saida

This 7 bedroom/8 bathroom property is just 1km from shops/restaurants and a train station with links to Lucca, Pisa and Florence and is ideal for an 'out of season' visit.  For arrivals up to 20/12/08 there is a 36% discount.
Casanova di Sopra - Fienile - 6 people, 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms

Casanova di Sopra, Fienile

A beautiful detached house for 6 with outstanding views. For arrivals up to the end of November there is a special offer of 20% discount.


Casanovina - sleeps six, 2km from Castellina in Chianti

Casanovina Interior
This pretty and well furnished villa has outstanding views across the surrounding countryside, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool and a table tennis table.

A discount of 27% is offered on certain dates in
April, May, September and October 2009

WIN A 65 EURO VOUCHER (or equivalent in your currency)
We have recently added to our website a link especially designed to give you ideas for things to do in Tuscany and Umbria with children  http://www.to-tuscany.com/local-tuscany/tuscany-for-children/

We realise that many of our customers have already experienced this and so for this months competition we are looking for the best travel tips and ideas for: TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN IN TUSCANY/UMBRIA

The best tip will win a 65 Euro voucher (or the equivalent in your currency) which can be used against any booking with To Tuscany in the next 12 months. We will look at all ideas and add any that we think are helpful to our website link.

All entries should be sent to dympna@to-tuscany.com the best entry will be announced in Novembers newsletter
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding travelling to Italy or anything within our newsletter. We can be reached at http://www.to-tuscany.com/contact-us.
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